Click here for antique travel-friendly PC diskette version 
Newer note: this is okay for use in DOSBOX if you expand with newer modules we 
provide at

the readme.txt above refers to    page, where
you'll find the newest software development tools, languages, programs by us.
If you have a PC from around year 2000 especially with a 1024*768 type monitor --
which is the best format to quicken consciousness for professional work in our
experience -- please know that if you install Red Hat 8.0, the R1, R2 and R3
CD's -- the free GNU GPL open source edition which became Fedora, it will offer
you functionality. But this functionality can be enhanced by Centos 5.5 for the
same type of hardware, generally speaking. The Centos 5.5 is an early Centos,
also derived from the Red Hat open source software. It is available if you look
at the readme for the G15 Service Pack Firth at, 
the readme.txt tells you where to get the files to burn to the CD's. 
  To burn to the CD's, you may want to have e.g. Ubuntu installed
on any modern laptop, and use such as the very compatible K3b burner program.
You will find that Centos 5.5 can run the newest G15 practical virtual implementation,
just as Firth can, and the newest Ubuntu. In addition, printer drivers e.g. from
Brother can be installed since Brother printer company is very linux-friendly.

  ***A word of caution when it comes to USB pen drives: USB hardware, and USB software,
has had several levels of evolution. In general, it is safe to try and read a new
USB pendrive into an old PC running either RH8 (Red Hat 8.0) or C5.5 (Centos 5.5).
But when you try to write to it, it may lead to files that are not correct at all,
if the USB pendrive isn't of the early-type standard. That's why you should save
early-type USB pendrives -- such as with half a gigabyte and from near Y2000 --
and you should also go very slowly and take masses of backups if you try to write
to USB pendrives from early machines and/or early platforms. The best bet is that
you make some large .zip files and do an unzip on the result as read from a
different machine. If the unzip works out fine, it may be that the hardware and
software for the USB in this case is compatible. Never write to a new pendisk
which contains important backups from an early-style machine.

  In the future, we'll be glad to offer the G15 PC which will have at least one
version that has a big keyboard, a big squarish 1024*768 green monochrome monitor,
and a big mouse, and which is blessedly free from glasses, watches, 3d printers
and touchscreens, but which is the peak of professional stimuli to those who
do serious programming, writing, photo-treatments etc. Check the
and the mirrorsite for updates. Be sure to note that the
G15 Firth Service pack install straight on top of the following installation if
you manage to carry it through.

  Be sure also to note that such as VirtualBox has some versions that work well
and some versions -- especially on 64-bit computers -- that don't run in such a
vastly compatible way as one might expect (whether for Dos or Unix-like platforms).
The best way is not to rely needlessly much on virtualisation but try and get
things to run directly, and get proper hardware for it. Onwards with the 2006
info -- just be sure to get the whole Firth.iso as indicated at the ARCHIVED
part linked to from -- instead of using the 10 MB bundles
here named 'lisa' and then glued together with our self-written freeware 
called 'doggy':

 6/10/2006 10:00 AM       80,761 install.txt

Newer added note: the installation is fairly straight-forward but it is written
in a way that makes it look complicated. Sift through what you have to do and
it is just a matter of a few lines. I believe it is stated with greater simplicity
in the archived section (which discusses Firth.iso) pointed to by the
pages. If you're fairly certain about the hardware, you don't have to 'check the
display and videocard', and that already simplifies a great deal of the installation
text. The installation of RH8 is good as stated and largely the same applies for
installation of Centos 5.5. 
Yet newer added note: We have some added hints here as how to get Centos 5.5
installed, upgraded and expanded with freeware: (around 5MB).

  Be sure to know that the Firth.iso has some references to earlier
website locations. Notably, we have no connection to the only to
and also became This change occurred in 2010. The Firth
platform itself contains the Manhattan Transformation, was released in 2005-6,
and contains also the philosophical notion of the past as simulation, as expanded
on in supermodel theorizing found all over the, and related
set of sites and in private publications as well. Consult also expansions to Red Hat 8.0
and to compatibles like Centos 5.5 listed if you look very carefully around and
experiment a little (exchange for or vice versa in at least
one of the links given) looking into info given at frontpage also applet.

 6/10/2006 10:00 AM         **** [r1]
 6/10/2006 10:00 AM         **** [r2]
 6/10/2006 10:00 AM         **** [r3]

Another newly added note again: you don't need to use doggy on the main Firth.iso
because it is now available as one whole .iso rather than in 10 MB packages, if
you consult the archive pages linked to from the we referred
to above. Also, the Centos 5.5 are given as full .iso's. If you want Red Hat 8.0,
which was the version that became Fedora, and which was a totally free version in
the GNU GPL 2.0 sense, you still use doggy (or cat) to glue the 10MB bits together.

 6/10/2006 10:00 AM         **** [doggy]
                                  I              EXECUTABLES TO PULL THE .DATs TOGETHER:
                                  +------------> /windows/doggy.exe [Start by double-click on it]
                                  +------------> /linux/doggy       [Start by ./doggy after chmod 777 doggy]
                                  +------------> /dos/doggy.exe     [Start by  DOGGY]
                                  +------------> /dos/cwsdpmi.exe   [put in same directory if freedos-like os]
                                  +------------> /dos/unzip.exe     [put in same directory if freedos-like os]

This one is ancient and better use's linux which installs almost
everywhere and which offers such as the K3b burner:
 6/10/2006 10:00 AM         **** [burnwind]  [See install.txt]