It's fun to work with G15 PMN, as programming language and approach to PC work
It's fun to work with G15 PMN, as programming language and approach to PC work. On the photo above you see two laptops and both of them have an extra keyboard and an extra mouse. Both of them have some type of Linux, and in this Linux, or on top of it, the G15 PMN performs as if it is, in a sense, the only thing in the world. While many forms of PC are tied up to all forms of interaction over the net, there are those who feel that a Personal Computer should also strengthen independent creative work--not merely all the time 'online', but in the real life mode, where you are connected to your actual physical surroundings and the real people who might be there, and to your own logic, your own capacity to write, sketch, program, plan and so on. So the part of the world that isn't "online" isn't merely offline. I mean, a beach, a walk in the city, a real cafe-- we must be careful not to call reality "off" in any sense whatsoever. Real life is 'realline', we can say. And so, where's the way to use a PC that honors this? G15 PMN is a programming language and an approach to using Personal Computers that has this feature of it all the way incorporated into it as one of its core design aspects. It can also be used for some forms of networking, and can even run on its own special-designed computer completely without any Linux or any other platform underneath it. What you see in the photo is part of the drawing of a cartoon type of program, a scifi spy thriller sort of, with some elements of computer game to it. The PC on the right is used to help organise some features of the process, in this case. When you put G15 PMN into your computer, you at once get: * a deliciously simple set of electronic typewriter programs, that are made so as to make your own creative process come into the fore, rather than lots of spelling features and buttons and choices that could distract * a deliciously simple image editor * some easy-to-use and easy-to-program calculators * pleasant screensavers * beginning of a cartoon-game, of the kind you see drawn above, which is given--also for free--in completed form, together with a number of other programs, also entertaining programs, on the app page for g15 pmn * a complete instruction manual for programming every bit of G15 PMN, from its own G15 assembly language to the higher level PMN language * a drawing tool which, when you learn it, can give you unique capacities to quickly express yourself creatively AND which, for those who are beginning to learn how to draw humans, can greatly facilitate this learning process * and a bunch of more things When you learn to program G15 PMN, or just learn to use this delicious platform, you are learning something that will be with you in the future, at any time in the future. The design of the G15 PMN has come about by a great deal of careful thinking over how the computer technology has been shaped and how it is transforming itself, and what purpose it can have in stimulating first-hand own thinking through own heart and head. It has been designed so as to be 'versionless'. What you learn, applies in the future, in an unchanged form. All that changes is that there are more and more programs you can plug in to your G15 PMN platform, as more and more are developed each season. These are all with full open source, so you can learn programming by looking into examples. And you can contribute yourself, eventually, to this fauna of programs, where you acknowledge which bits you are using in the library of your own G15 PMN program. Installation and apps for G15 PMN: read the following stuff, and follow the links from this page: G15 PMN.